Divided States
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I had always dreamed of making a photographic roadtrip through the USA. So when the 2016 presidential election became the increasing focus of the world’s attention, in a year that had already seen the United Kingdom voting to leave the European Union, my instinct was to be there. Returning to Mexico from Europe that autumn, I then packed my camera and flew to Reynosa, from where I crossed the border into the USA on Halloween.

Divided States could be considered an example of Gonzo journalism – an account made during a moment of comparative calm ahead of what has turned out to be the storm of the Trump presidency. Although I remained as apolitical as I could when talking with the people I met on my journey, it has been almost impossible to disguise my disdain for Trump. I never imagined he would win the election, but perhaps I should be grateful that he did: otherwise, this publication might never have come about.