Trump Piñatas
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The piñata is a feature of Mexican life. It is usually a replica of a star or a cartoon character made of papier mache and then hand painted. They are sometimes filled with sweets and appear as a game at children’s birthday parties. Here the children are given a stick, blind folded, spun around so they become dizzy, and then they try to batter the piñata to release the hoard of sweets.

Family owned business usually run the studios that produce the piñatas. The studios also produce piñatas of vilified public figures such as Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán the infamous drug lord, the incumbent President Enrique Peña Nieto and recently the US President Donald Trump. The Trump piñatas are a small demonstration of the real and on going animosity held by the Mexicans towards the USA, aggravated by Trump’s vitriol directed towards the country and its people both in México and those residing in the USA particularly considering his declared intention to build a bigger wall between the two countries.

A 2018 wall calendar is being designed and produced using images of the 12 piñatas. The original piñatas are stored in México, and the collection is increasing in number. A limited edition latex piñata is being developed in conjunction with MDM Props London. This is an interactive piece that can be struck with a stick without being damaged mirroring Trump’s resilience. For more information please contact the artist through the website.

Work in progress