Trump’s USA
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It was following the UK Referendum result in Great Britain in June 2016 that I decided I would travel to the USA to witness the tail end of the US Presidential election build up and the aftermath of the expected Clinton victory. Donald Trump became the unexpected victor on 8th November 2016 leading to his inauguration as President of the USA on January 20th 2017.

During the month of November and part of December 2016, I travelled over 8000 miles by car through 13 states. I made photographs and compiled a journal of the trip, which will be published as an E-book in the autumn of 2017 in advance of the anniversary of Trumps US Presidential victory.

The working title is: The World Hates US. A journey through a divided America.

Further working images are available on request. A full 1st Draft of the publication will be available mid September 2017 on request.

Work in progress