The Yellow Caravan Book Launch St. Helen Bishopgate Norwich

December 2019

In August 2019 the author and family genealogist Juliet Webster, accompanied by one of Honor Elwes’s great nephews, the photographer Ben Elwes, follow the 1912 route of the Yellow Caravan. Based upon historic documents, photographs and a poem written by Honor the book retraces the journey 3 young women made camping around Norfolk. In doing so the publication encapsulates the spirit of the adventure they had together over 100 years ago, when such activity would have been most unusual.

Latin American Photographies: The Photographers’ Gallery, London September and October 2019

September 2019

“This course, led by Ileana L. Selejan, offers a thematic overview of photographic practices from Latin America, as a counterpart to the exhibition Urban Impulses: Latin American Photographic from 1959 to 2016. It will provide extensive context, highlighting key themes that traverse the history of the region while focusing in on an array of genres and contemporary approaches.” – TPG Website

BBC Voices, The Forum, Norwich

September 2019

A day was spent with Amy Nomvula and Gary Standley at BBC Voices at The Forum Norwich learning recording skills ahead of beginning interviews with people involved with Monday Market.

Monday Market and recording equipment

June 2019

A proposal has been made to BBC Voices at The Forum in Norwich: people involved with Monday Market will be invited to talk about photographs in the book. The objective is to explore how a single image can be a way of starting a conversation that might uncover stories about the market’s history through personal anecdotes; in some cases this will involve people featuring in the photographs. It is intended that the proposed recordings will introduce a new dimension to the work through the recorded voice. If the work succeeds it may be used on the local radio.

Bringing Text and Images together

February 2019

Bringing the text and images together and developing the layout continues.

A new working title is being considered for the forthcoming publication: Divided States: A Photographic Journey to the Heart of the US Presidential Election 2016 (30th October – 7th December)

Attending the lunch and award ceremony of the 2018 East Anglian Book Awards at Carrow Road’s Norwich City football ground.

November 2018

The overall competition was won by Professor Jules Pretty’s The East Country: Almanac Tales of Valley and Shore. This publication was one of three in the General Non-Fiction category including Monday Market.