Large Format Printing

March 2022

Having resolved specific calibration issues, a reliable workflow has been achieved and accurate large format printing is underway. Epson Enhanced Matte 44inch (189g/m2) inkjet print paper has been selected. This is a neutral paper suitable for running test prints ahead of selecting a specific paper for the image in question.

Monday Market Interview

March 2022

An interview was sound recorded this month between Martyn Fox MBE and Ashley Medler at The Saracens Head, Norfolk. Martyn Fox is a retired Keys auctioneer and contributor to Monday Market and Ashley Medler and his family have had a long-standing involvement with Keys. The interview is intended to support the publication Monday Market, documenting recollections of those involved.

The Poetry and Photographs of Diana Gurney (1895-1985)

February 2022

Following research into the work of Diana Gurney, a selection of her poems and photographs have been prepared as initial proposal for publication.

Mexican Work Presented at Magnum Workshop

October 2021

A selection of images in both colour and black & white was presented at the portfolio review with a positive response and ideas were discussed on how to edit the work with a publication in mind going forward.

Magnum Workshop Paris

September 2021

Magnum workshop and portfolio review with Lorenzo Meloni, Sabiha Çimen, Yael Martínez and Cristina de Middel.

Kickstarter Distribution and Rewards Complete

August 2021

The Kickstarter campaign is fulfilled. Thank you for all those who supported the campaign and made the production of Divided States possible.