Ben Elwes’ practice uses still image photography and mixed media with an emphasis on publications and exhibitions. The work stems from a documentary tradition, but is motivated by humanistic values and addresses our intersection with the media, and issues that impact our lives. This rich seam of material develops ideas which create their own language or visual poetry, on which the viewer can reflect.

A significant preoccupation underlying the work is the increasingly complex and dominant visual environment within which we coexist. Through this we are inadvertently conditioned, impacting our psychology and our values; whether in the public or private space, purchasing, voting or just being entertained. Elwes’ work attempts to satirise and jolt the viewer into a recognition of the artificiality of the environments which have become normalised in our collective experience.

Elwes’ work has been exhibited at national and international venues including the National Portrait Gallery and The Photographers’ Gallery in London, Frölunda Kulturhaus in Göthenburg Sweden and with Fetart in Arles and Paris. He presently divides his time between Europe and México. In México his work has been exhibited in government institutions and private galleries including Centro Cultural Manuel Gómez Morín Santiago de Querétaro and Fifi Projects, México City.

CV download available as PDF