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These images entitled Screens were taken in a hotel room in Buenos Aires, Argentina in November 2009, primarily as an observation of fractured images depicting pornography displayed on the TV. The work more broadly refers to our growing dependence upon screens as the conduit of transmitted information directed to a potential audience, the intention of the event being to arrest the viewer in specific ways. These photographs have as a reference the work of the artist Nam June Paik (1932-2006), whose work in the 1960s pre-empted the central role that screens would play in peoples’ lives in the future through TV and the Internet.

For me there is an uncanny juxtaposition too between the sophistication of the screen as a tool for relaying information and the screens depicting humans in a base state of sexual activity or primordial instinctive humans now coping with the challenges of modern technologies, the distorted images a reminder of the artifice and fallibility at their source. It is as if our most basic and primeval urges have been joined by an emerging and contemporary instinct, that of our addiction and compulsion to the electronic screen in its multifarious forms.

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